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Our sheet masks are for all skin types. They are perfect as a weekly mask while relaxing at home during self-care time. 

Sheet Masks Available:

  • Charcoal - purifying, detoxing, reduces large pores
  • Collagen - minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, & improves elasticity
  • Cucumber - Cooling, soothes redness moisturizes dry, sensitive skin
  • Green Tea - Clarifies complexion, hydrates, adds a soft glow to the skin
  • Pomegranate - Firms up loose skin, provides long-lasting hydration to mature skin
  • Aloe - Soothing, hydrating, and nourishes sensitve, irritated, or damaged skin
  • Blueberry - Firms up loose skin, improves elasticity, and stimulates collagen prouduction
  • Vitamin C - Brightens complexion, improves skin tone, and adds a soft glow to the skin