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Made with natural jade stone. A face roller is the perfect selfcare treat. Facial rolling includes many anti-aging benefits like:

  • Eliminates puffiness and inflammation
  • Tightens loose skin overtime
  • Releases toxins from the face
  • Reduces dark undereye circles overtime
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage (eliminates waste)
  • Stimulates blood flow in facial muscles (brightens)

Facial rollers can truly help play a part in having healthier skin without the buildup of toxins and fluids. 

Our facial roller includes 2 ends: 1 large side (for cheeks, forehead, jawline, neck) and 1 small side (for the undereye area)

TIP: Place your facial roller in the refrigerator for a couple hours before use. The cooling effect helps reduce puffiness.

TIP: Rolling should be done in an "upward" and "outward" direction and should only used on clean skin. (Wash your face before using).